Our Commitment

Our mission is always squarely in front of us: to provide reliable service at an affordable price.

Political Advocacy

Our mission is always squarely in front of us: to provide the best possible service. As such, IREA’s government affairs team works elected officials to implement policies that lead to reliable service and support lower electric rates.

We invite you, our customers, to let your voice be heard. Please join us today by signing up to receive legislative action alerts and get the tools to connect to your elected official on energy issues that matter to you. Also, visit our Legislative Issues page during the Colorado legislature’s annual session (January through early May) for information on issues that can affect your service and electric rates.

Industry Leader

Intermountain Rural Electric Association currently has approximately 200 employees who serve over 140,000 consumers. This is the highest consumer to employee ratio of any large cooperative in the United States. IREA is the largest of the 22 cooperatives in Colorado and the eleventh largest co-op in the United States.

Although the industry standard for outages is 5 hours per customer per year, IREA has consistently achieved an outage rate of less than two hours, and occasionally less than one hour per year. IREA also has among the lowest electric rates of any cooperative or investor-owned utility in the state. These accomplishments truly make IREA a leader in the industry.

Nonprofit Organization

As a non-profit electric distribution cooperative, Intermountain Rural Electric Association does not have stockholders—the co-op is responsible only to its members. Since we do not have to pay dividends to stockholders, revenues over expenses are returned to our members in the form of Capital Credit rebate checks.

We are a democratic organization controlled by our members. A seven member Board of Directors is elected by members to represent geographically-based districts. These directors actively participate in setting policies and making decisions, and are accountable to the membership.

Infrastructure Upgrades

The Association continues to make major investments in our transmission and distribution systems and improve our technology systems in order to increase service reliability and efficiency.


Our substations are connected to headquarters via fiber optic cable to provide greatly enhanced data collection to reduce outages and allow more rapid response when outages do occur. This system, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), has been extended to 21 of the IREA substations.

Underground Cable Maintenance

We have a crew dedicated to testing cables on our system to detect potential problems before they occur. Deteriorating underground cable is always an issue for utilities, but Cable Cure technology has enabled us to repair defective cable instead of replacing it, which is much more costly.

Information Systems Upgrade

Also, IREA continues to work to increase the performance of our new business information system and provide additional billing information, such as eBilling and Automatic Bill Pay, and other member services online.

Intermountain Rural Electric Association’s mission is to provide the best possible service, and these progressive improvements help to make that happen.

Tree Trimming

Each year we make significant financial investments in tree trimming and vegetation management, as many blinks are caused by tree limbs contacting power lines. Much of our distribution system runs through heavily timbered areas where snow/ice laden trees and branches often fall into our lines. If you see trees or limbs that could threaten a power line, call us so we can send a tree trimming crew to keep the branches out of the line.  The Association is particularly aggressive in its tree trimming program due to the fact that we attribute much of our success in reducing outages to this program.

Community Involvement

IREA is actively involved in the communities we serve. In addition to our support for chambers of commerce and economic development organizations, we sponsor a number of events that benefit both the community and our individual members.

For many years, IREA has been a major sponsor of all the 9Health Fairs within our service territory. We have also participated in the Coats for Colorado Program and donated over 350 coats to this very worthwhile cause. Many of these coats were distributed to service organizations within our own service area. The Association also participates in career fairs such as the Douglas County Schools 8th Grade Career Connect Expo where more than 4,000 Douglas County School District eighth grade students visited with 85 employers and organizations to learn about different careers through area businesses.

Two of the primary beneficiaries of IREA’s community involvement are youth and senior organizations. We have given grants to schools like Sedalia Elementary to help with their library program, and each year we provide $21,000 in grants to graduating high school seniors who want to pursue higher education. Each December, we also provide a delicious Christmas luncheon for senior citizens in Douglas and Elbert counties.