Understanding Your Bill (Front)
Total Amount Due Usage Profile Important Billing Information Message Board Account Information Account Summary Payment Stub

Total Amount Due

Your amount due and due date are now easy to find.

Usage Profile

Monitor and compare your usage history over the previous year with an easy-to-read graph, as well as your average daily cost and usage.

Important Billing Information

Here you will find important info about the status of your account, including any voluntary programs or services for which you are signed up.

Message Board

IREA will use this space to share with you important updates, alerts and announcements.

Account Information

This area lists general information about your service location and account, including your account number.

Account Summary

A more detailed breakdown of your amount due and the date your bill was generated.

Payment Stub

Use the reverse side of the payment stub to update your contact info, sign up for eBilling or make a contribution to Energy Outreach Colorado. You can mail us this form even if you've already made your payment via another method.