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Infrastructure Upgrades

IREA continually makes major investments in our transmission and distribution systems and improves our technology systems in order to increase service reliability and efficiency.


Our substations are connected to headquarters via fiber optic cable to provide greatly enhanced data collection to reduce outages and allow more rapid response when outages do occur. This system, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), has been extended to 21 of the IREA substations.

Underground Cable Maintenance

We have a crew dedicated to testing cables on our system to detect potential problems before they occur. Deteriorating underground cable is always an issue for utilities, but cable curing technology allows us to repair defective cable instead of replacing it, which is much more costly.

Information Systems Upgrade

IREA continues to work to increase the performance of our new business information system and provide additional billing information, such as eBilling and Automatic Bill Pay, and other member services online.

Intermountain Rural Electric Association’s mission is to provide the best possible service, and these progressive improvements help to make that happen.