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Customer Benefits with Advanced Metering Infrastructure

As IREA implements our new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), customers will see the benefits of the system almost immediately. AMI’s improved communications, data and robust features will give you more flexibility and control in your energy usage well into the future.

AMI Empowers Customers

• AMI will give you expanded control, increased flexibility and additional choices in how you manage your energy usage and energy efficiency.
• AMI will give you access to energy usage and cost on monthly, daily and hourly rates through an online customer portal. Near real-time data means never being surprised by your monthly bill.
• AMI will allow you to choose when you want your meter to be read for billing purposes (within a three-day window).
• AMI will allow you to analyze usage patterns and identify the causes of higher or lower monthly bills.
• AMI will open the door for cost-saving programs, time-of-use rates and customer pre-payment plans.
No additional costs to customers. There is no rate increase anticipated in association with this project.

AMI Provides Efficiency

• AMI will allow IREA to read meters remotely, saving time and reducing expenses and emissions each month.
• AMI will enable remote connect and disconnect so customers don’t have to wait for a scheduled appointment to start, stop or transfer service.
• Two-way communication will notify IREA immediately if there is a power outage.
• AMI will facilitate real-time troubleshooting so IREA can quickly determine the location and cause of outages, allowing us to reroute and restore power faster.
• An updated communications network will help automate the distribution system.

AMI Strengthens Reliability

• AMI will allow IREA to better monitor voltage levels to improve power quality and reduce the number of spikes, blinks and shortages.
• AMI will give IREA better data about the health of our distribution system, identifying problem areas so we can better target our capital spending for maximum benefit.
• AMI will allow IREA to immediately identify attempted power theft.
• AMI will allow IREA to better manage additional customer-sited renewable energy generation.
• Updated infrastructure will equip the grid to meet increasing demand.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Advanced Metering Infrastructure, use the form below to contact IREA.

    IREA's board of directors has approved changes to the association's rates and regulations that will go into effect in September. For additional info, visit our Rate Redesign page.
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