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View and Pay Your Bill


Electronic Billing Options

To view a copy of your most recent and historical bills, sign into My Account. If you are a first-time user, you’ll need to register.

To turn off paper and receive eBills straight to your inbox, sign up for eBilling. Learn more below.


Electronic Payment Options

Pay My Bill Online

To pay via phone, call (800) 332-9540

Sign up for IREA Auto Pay to allow IREA to automatically deduct your amount due on the due date from a checking or savings account of your choice.

To see an overview of all of our payment options, visit our Payment Options page.

Want to get rid of stacks of paper and streamline your bill-paying process?

IREA offers eBilling. It is free, secure and easy to use.

Our eBill is a PDF file that combines your bill with a free and secure payment option all in one. Instead of requiring you to remember a user name and password to retrieve your eBill, we email it right to your inbox as an attached PDF. Once you are signed up, all future bills will be delivered electronically, and you will no longer receive your bills via mail.

What’s the difference between My Account and signing up for paperless eBilling?

My Account
Paper is Turned Off
I am Notified When My Electronic Bill is Available
View My Current Bill Electronically
Receive My Bill Each Month Via Email
Free Payment Option
View IREA Newsletter
View Historical Bills
Change Billing Options
A temporary power cost adjustment is applied to monthly bills as of April 2021. For more info, visit our PCA page.
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