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Political Advocacy

IREA’s government affairs team works with elected officials to implement policies that lead to reliable service and support lower electric rates.

Your voice matters! From time to time, we may ask you to contact your state representative or state senator or member of the U.S. House or Senate. When you communicate with your legislators, your voice can increase the role we have in our legislative efforts. Together we can make a difference. To make a comment, or if you would like to receive more information on actions that could affect your rates or service, do so via our online contact form.

Energy Imbalance Market

A new study by Vibrant Clean Energy, commissioned by IREA and Holy Cross Energy, finds that by enabling more efficient and transparent transmission coordination across Colorado, the average residential electricity customer could save $255 per year by 2040 compared to today. This amounts to an annual statewide electricity cost savings of $1.76 billion. The coordination of electric grid investments across Colorado would also facilitate integration to Western electricity markets and create 70,000 new jobs while reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the electricity sector by 73% from 2005 levels.

• Read Vibrant Clean Energy’s press release

• Review VCE’s technical report

• View VCE’s summary presentation

$1.8 billion cumulative
net savings for customers

70,000 new jobs by 2040
in the electricity sector

1,000-megawatt increase in
wind and solar in Colorado

73% decrease in greenhouse
gas emissions by 2040

IREA's board of directors has approved changes to the association's rates and regulations that will go into effect in September. For additional info, visit our Rate Redesign page.
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