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Political Advocacy

IREA’s government affairs team works with elected officials to implement policies that lead to reliable service and support lower electric rates.

Our costs often are affected by decisions made by the Colorado General Assembly, Congress and regulatory agencies. Increased regulatory costs ultimately result in cost increases that must be passed on to customers. As IREA customers themselves, our board members are keenly aware of what higher rates can do to a family or business budget.

Keeping costs low is a key reason we engage policymakers at the state capitol each year. We work to safeguard customers against legislation that will drive up rates or use the association as a revenue-collecting mechanism to fund policies unrelated to our core mission. Likewise, we are always concerned about legislative proposals that could hinder our ability to provide reliable electric service.

Your voice matters!

From time to time, we may ask you to contact your state representative or state senator or member of the U.S. House or Senate. When you communicate with your legislators, your voice can increase the role we have in our legislative efforts. Together we can make a difference.

To make a comment, or if you would like to receive more information on actions that could affect your rates or service, do so via our online contact form.

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