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Mailed Payments

As part of our effort to increase efficiency, we have contracted with a payment processor to handle mail payments. This move allows us to avoid investing in new equipment to handle a diminishing number of check payments and saves labor costs.

Most customers, including those enrolled in IREA’s Auto Pay program, are not affected by this change. Customers who mail their monthly bill payments, however, need to send them to a central payment processor outside the state.

The new payment address is Intermountain Rural Electric Association, P.O. Box 6437, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6437. This address appears on your monthly bill’s payment remittance form, which is the portion you return inside the window envelope we include with each mailed monthly bill. Customers who use the provided remittance form and envelope and those who pay electronically do nothing different when sending their payment. Those who opt to hand-address their own envelope, however, must do so with the new address. Customers who use third-party billers to pay their IREA bill may need to update IREA’s mailing address with their bank or other third-party biller.

Customers who send us check payments and some customers
who use bank bill-pay options should do the following:

If you use the pre-printed remittance envelope we include with your mailed monthly bill, no additional action is necessary. The remittance form you include with your payment shows the correct address. The provided window envelope requires postage.

If you use your own hand-addressed envelope, you must include the correct mailing address:

Intermountain Rural Electric Association
P.O. Box 6437
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6437

This new mailing address is also available on your monthly bill.

If you use a bill-pay service provided by your bank or another third party, you might need to update IREA’s mailing address within your bill-pay service, depending on how your payer submits payments. Some banks and bill-payers use electronic payments, while some pay bills with checks mailed to us. Listed below are banks and payers that we know send paper checks and will require an update. The new address is Intermountain Rural Electric Assocation, P.O. Box 6437, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6437.

Banks and third-party payers
that send paper checks*

• Bill Payment Processing Center

• Chase Online Bill Payment

• Citibank N.A.

• Conservice REO Utilities

• Conservice Synergy

• Engie

• Online Bill Payment Processing Center

• Payment Processing Center

• Payment Operations

• Plastiq


* This list should not be considered all-inclusive. ALL customers who use banks or other third-party payers to pay their IREA bill should confirm with their payer if the IREA address needs to be updated for payment to be made.

Customers who mail their payments can streamline their bill-paying process and avoid any confusion by enrolling in our free, easy-to-use Auto Pay program. This service automatically deducts the amount due from a checking or savings account of your choice on the due date noted on your monthly bill. You won’t have to write a check, use a stamp or initiate electronic payment.

As an added incentive, IREA will give third-generation Nest Learning Thermostats to 10 randomly selected customers who are enrolled in our Automatic Payment program as of Dec. 31. The third-generation Nest can save the average household around 10% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. It automatically adjusts to your lifestyle and the outside weather to intelligently heat or cool your home, and can be integrated with voice command systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can enroll in Auto Pay right now by logging into My Account or by calling our Consumer Services department at (800) 332-9540 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. You are already eligible to win if you are currently enrolled in our Auto Pay program; no action is required. If you are unsure whether you are enrolled in Auto Pay, check the payment portion of your most recent monthly bill. You are enrolled if “automatic payment” is listed on your bill stub.

Winners of the 10 Nests will be randomly selected and notified in January. Only one Nest may be won per IREA membership.