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IREA is committed to affordable clean energy. Our 2021 power supply will include 25% renewables, and by 2025 we will have approximately 165 megawatts of renewable energy capacity on our system – a significant step forward from the less than 10% renewables we had in 2013.

Read more about IREA's energy evolution:

The Victory Solar facility went online in early 2017 and provides nearly 13 megawatts of clean energy.

The 80-megawatt Pioneer Solar facility is online and operating.

IREA will purchase 45 megawatts of clean energy from the Hunter Solar facility, which is expected to begin production in 2022.

The new solar carport at our Sedalia headquarters is designed to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving 100 vehicles for one year.

IREA continues to work with state legislators to pursue a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO), which will allow more cost-effective grid integration of large-scale renewable energy projects.

Nearly 3,000 IREA customers with rooftop solar are interconnected to our system. Their combined potential capacity is more than 17 megawatts.

Renewable energy credits are a simple way to support renewable energy generation without having to commit to solar panel or wind turbine installations on your property.

IREA's board of directors has approved changes to the association's rates and regulations that will go into effect in September. For additional info, visit our Rate Redesign page.
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