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Electrical Service FAQs

To save you time, you may find your answer in this list of most commonly asked questions about your electric service. If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, contact Engineering Services at our headquarters in Sedalia, (303) 688-3100, Ext. 5302, or toll-free (800) 332-9540.

How long will it take to get the meter installed?

Upon receipt of the meter inspection from the applicable building department (city, state, county), a service order will be issued and completed within three to five business days, barring any unforeseen issues on-site. If you are located within the Town of Castle Rock, you are responsible for providing a copy of the inspection along with IREA’s “Town of Castle Rock Meter Release Form” to our Engineering Services department at If you need a copy of this document, or want to inquire about the status of your meter set, please contact Engineering Services.

How do I get more than 200-amp service from a meter pedestal?

Up to 400 amps may be available by installing two separate runs to two separate 200-amp breakers. You will need to contact Engineering Services at 303-688-3100, ext. 5302 to determine if the existing meter pedestal can accommodate a 400 amp service or if it will need to be replaced with a new pedestal..

Can I cut the seal on my meter?

No. Cutting the seal on your meter is meter tampering that may result in additional fees. Please call our Operations Department at (303) 688-3100 for assistance with your service.

What if I need to work on my meter housing?

You will need to contact our Operations Department at (303) 688-3100 to schedule a meeting with our serviceman. For your safety, the power will be disconnected and reconnected by IREA personnel only.

How do I know what type of breaker fits in the meter pedestal?

There are a variety of meter pedestals from different manufacturers within IREA’s territory. Most meter pedestals will provide a list of breaker types on the inside of the door that houses the breaker. If you are unable to access this information, please call Engineering Services at (303) 688-3100.

I want a pole, transformer, pedestal, etc. relocated on my property. What should I do?

Call Engineering Services at (303) 688-3100, Ext. 5302, or (800) 332-9540 to start a work request. An engineer will then be able to meet with you to discuss options for a design and provide an estimated cost.

IREA's board of directors has approved changes to the association's rates and regulations that will go into effect in September. For additional info, visit our Rate Redesign page.
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