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Residential (Individual/Non-Development)

This section is for Individual Residential properties that require a work order for the installation of electric facilities. Homebuilders or property owners requesting service for a residence in a subdivision with existing electric facilities will need to establish an account for service. (See our Start/Transfer Service page for more info.)


• Request for Contract Authorization – Residential

• Required documents (plan requirements outlined within Contract Authorization)

• Proof of ownership (i.e., warranty deed)

• Design fee, as specified within Contract Authorization

Processing of the work order

• An IREA engineer will contact you to discuss your project requirements and schedule a meeting on site to complete a design for the installation of the electric facilities.

• The engineer will provide the customer with an estimated cost and may request the customer to obtain or provide additional easement, if necessary.

• The design will be completed and forwarded to Engineering Services for contracting. The contract price will be valid for 60 days.

• Upon receipt of the signed contract for service, payment of the invoiced amount, and any required easements, application for any required permits will be submitted and the work order will be released for construction.

• Depending on the current construction schedule, construction of the line extension will begin within two to six weeks.

• The customer will be responsible for the installation of the secondary and metering facilities. (See our Metering Specification forms.)

• Upon notification from the county/city/state of an approved meter inspection, a service order will be issued to set the meter within three to five business days.

IREA's board of directors has approved changes to the association's rates and regulations that will go into effect in September. For additional info, visit our Rate Redesign page.
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