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Stop Service

To stop electric service at an existing location with IREA, please log into My Account or call our Consumer Services department at (800) 332-9540.

Dates to have service stopped may be reserved up to 30 days in advance.

Today’s date, holidays and weekends are not available.

Requests are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is recommended that you reserve your date early if it’s during busy times such as the end or beginning of a month.

IREA attempts to return capital credit refunds to all members who have accrued them in past years; therefore, it is important that customers notify us of any mailing address changes. Sign into My Account to update your mailing address, or contact Customer Service at (800) 332-9540.

Please note that IREA provides only electric service. To cancel propane or natural gas services, your other utility providers must be contacted.


Vacancy Billing Agreement (VBA)

If a landlord enters into a VBA, when a tenant notifies IREA to have service taken out of their name it will automatically go back into the landlord’s name.

A VBA will not:

• Stop service from being disconnected due to a tenant’s nonpayment

• Put the service in the landlord’s name if service is shut off for nonpayment; or

• Allow the landlord to opt out of an AMI meter.

For more information or to begin the registration process, log into My Account or call Consumer Services at (800) 332-9540.

Third-Party Notification

If a customer and the customer’s landlord or another party complete and file with us a Third-Party Notification Form, we will let you know when a disconnection notice has been sent to the customer. This process may be useful for landlords or people looking out for friends or relatives. Third-party notification is available to all residential customers, with the consent of the customer and the party designated to receive the third-party notice. To sign up for this service, print and complete our Third-Party Notification Form, then return it to IREA via mail to P.O. Drawer A, Sedalia, CO 80135, via email to, or via fax to (720) 733-5872.

IREA's board of directors has approved changes to the association's rates and regulations that will go into effect in September. For additional info, visit our Rate Redesign page.
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