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System Improvements

We continually upgrade our system to improve reliability. The projects detailed on this page represent just a few examples of our ongoing and planned system improvements. Click on a project’s title to read more about it. If you have questions or comments, contact us via email.

We are rebuilding an old section of line from our existing Bennett Substation north across Interstate 70 and into the area near King Soopers. This line will primarily be rebuilt underground, and construction will begin in the fall of 2020 and be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

IREA has recently built an addition to Xcel’s existing Bergen Park Substation to more reliably serve our customers in that area. This area is currently cut off from other parts of our system, which causes issues when Xcel has to perform maintenance on their transmission source for the Bergen Park Substation. Additionally, we have areas closer to Bergen Park that currently are served by a long radial distribution line from our Conifer Substation. Because the line is radial, if there is ever an issue anywhere along the 25-mile line, customers downstream from the issue are out of service until it is fixed. IREA will propose a new line to tie together these two substations, which will provide a second source and improve our ability to maintain and restore service to those areas. An extensive permitting and analysis process is required because the proposed line runs primarily through U.S. Forest Service property. We anticipate construction will begin at the end of 2022.

Due to continued growth in southern Parker and eastern Castle Rock, IREA has identified the need for a new substation near the Town of Franktown, along U.S. Highway 83. The site has been permitted through Douglas County and engineering has started. Construction likely will begin in May 2021 and be completed by March 2022.

IREA is rebuilding 8.5 miles of transmission line between Conifer and north Park County as part of a long-term rebuild that will increase capacity and improve reliability. The work will upgrade the existing 44-kilovolt line – much of which was built in the 1950s – between the west side of Kenosha Pass near Jefferson and the Roberts Tunnel Power Generation Station near Grant to 115 kilovolts. A new Roberts Tunnel substation will replace both the Grant and existing Roberts Tunnel substations. The area’s terrain requires the use of helicopters and track-mounted drill rigs. Much of the work will be visible along U.S. Highway 285. The project required approval from the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Park County, and the Colorado State Land Board. It is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021.

We continue to replace old single-phase line between Lake George to Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir. We began upgrading this line in 2017 and are finalizing engineering of the final 4.6 miles from Stoll Ranch Road into Eleven Mile Village, generally along County Road 92. This final segment should be constructed by September 2021.

The distribution system in Palmer Lake was built in pieces over the years and is not the most efficient way to serve customers in that area. IREA will rebuild most of the distribution in the area over the next several years. Construction of the first section begins in the fall of 2020, while engineering proceeds on the remaining sections. It is expected to be completed in phases through 2026.

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